Common Types of Houses in Miami

by The Leduc Team 08/04/2019

Miami has a lovely landscape that you can quickly grow to love in a short time. From the luxury condominiums by the sea to the historic bungalows, there are so many types of homes in Miami that you can find when you move there. Here are six common types of buildings that are beloved by Miami residents.


Most of these 1930s-era homes were initially built from mail-order house plans. Miami bungalows are beautiful, charming and resilient. They can withstand anything from storms to hurricanes and heavy rains, thanks to their fantastic construction. They also feature gable roofs, overhanging eaves.

Mission-style homes

These are in the same style as the old Spanish Mission churches. Mission-style homes in Miami have a unique stucco exterior with bright, vivid colors. Their tiled roofs and arches also beautify the façade and interior. There are plenty of them in the Coconut Grove area and Little Havana, and you may even be lucky to find one for sale.

Bahamian and Conch Houses

These historic homes have been in existence since the 1890s and were made to be quite weather-resistant with highly durable sidings. Commonly found in the Overtown area, their gabled roofs and colored sidings make them beautiful. Bahamian houses are also typically built off the ground to help increase ventilation and air circulation during the hot summer months.

Mediterranean Revival Builds

The Mediterranean Revival style is sometimes hard to distinguish from new buildings. They are also popular in Miami and South Florida. These lovely buildings make use of features from the Italian Renaissance, the Spanish Colonial, and the Beaux-Arts eras. The full gardens around Mediterranean homes also make them stand out wherever they are with their lovely curb appeal. You can find the Mediterranean architecture mostly prevalent in Little Havana, Design District, Coral Gables, and the Miami Beach area.

Art Deco Architecture

Miami Art Deco is classical, filled with bright colors, friezes, and decorations. Most Art Deco buildings in Miami are commonly used as hotels or theaters; however, many of them are also residential especially in the Miami Beach area. The Art Deco architecture style was the front runner of the Moderne and Depression Moderne building styles that follow in subsequent years.

Luxury Condos

Luxury high-rise condominiums are widespread around Miami as they appeal to the modern folks the most. Perfect for single professionals, families, and vacationers, most of these luxury condos come with many amenities like in-house massage parlors, yoga studios, gyms, party rooms and so much more. Your budget solely decides the level of luxury.

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